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In Sensor Tower statistics, Free Fire ranked second in the 2018 Google Play mobile game download list. According to data disclosed by the comprehensive financial report and producer Harold Teo, as of the fourth quarter of 2018, Free Fire has 350 million registered users worldwide, over 100 million quarterly active users, and over 40 million peak daily active users, with more than 200 million RMB. Monthly flow. Although Free Fire is invested by Tencent and issued by Garena, a subsidiary of SEA, known as the "Tencent of Southeast Asia", it is still insignificant compared to the real Tencent. Therefore, from the very beginning, Free Fire was very clever to avoid head-to-head with big manufacturers, and instead cultivated the local Southeast Asian market, and then sought underdeveloped markets such as Latin America, and made a little money through the strategy of "no meat, only soup". After gathering the sand into a tower, he achieved the current results. The low profile is just the appearance, the core is what the player wants to give. Free Fire is developed by the 111dots studio, the Shanghai-based R&D team of Garena. It is essentially a domestic mobile game. It is also Garena's first self-developed game. According to producer Harold Teo, this R&D team has a concluding motto for the positioning of Free Fire: "Keep it small, keep it cool."

The reason why Free Fire is so popular in developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Latin America is that the development team has so far followed the guidelines set by itself. Up to now, the Free Fire installation package only has more than 400M, which is obviously different from the package body of 1G of competitors. Compared with PUBG Mobile, which focuses on restoring terminal games, Free Fire sacrifices a certain image quality in exchange for good adaptability to mobile phone configurations in underdeveloped markets. Secondly, Free Fire only needs 50 people in a round, which also relieves the operating pressure of low-configuration mobile phones to a certain extent. Of course, the low picture quality is just the appearance. From the external picture quality to the internal gameplay design and timely adaptation, it is all based on the needs and pain points of people in low-income countries. It is Free Fire that survives in the cracks of many big factories. For example, Free Fire has certain RPG elements. In the game, players can choose different characters to enter the battlefield, and each character has different skills. For example, the recently updated character "Falcon" has the "Bushido" skill that the lower the blood volume, the higher the attack, which hits the pain points of Southeast Asian users who like MMO. In addition, Free Fire is designed to follow the principle of visual guidance and cut tutorials as much as possible to minimize the probability of players exiting soon after entering the game.

The most important thing is that Free Fire does not stick to the low-quality policy from the very beginning. Its essence is to quickly adapt to actual user needs. For example, on November 3, 2017, Free Fire opened the Android end packaging test in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and other 6 Southeast Asian countries. On the second day of the test, based on player feedback, Free Fire quickly updated a new version, adding low-quality options. Up to now, it's not just "smaller", Free Fire has been trying to achieve the second half of the motto "be cooler". Since its launch, Free Fire has been continuously updating new models, new characters, new weapons, new vehicles, and new maps. And because there are no end-game reduction restrictions, Free Fire has become more and more stylized. Whether it is Thai Muay Thai fighters, ordinary US navies, Latin American arms dealers, and Chinese Monkey King, they are all mixed together, trying to ensure that users in every country can find cultural closeness. character of. From the common P90 and M4A1 weapons, "fancy" items such as healing guns and samurai swords have been gradually added. Therefore, from the original realistic style, Free Fire is becoming more and more "cool", or more and more "magic style" and "artistic". What’s interesting is that PUBG Mobile’s latest 6th season has followed a similar path. The promotional film adopts an electronic punk style. It seems that the longer the operation, the more tricks it will be. Considering that many users in developing countries are not accustomed to paying online, and some do not even have their own bank accounts, Free Fire needs the most thorough localization to win users' approval and then generate the desire to pay.

According to producer Harold Teo, Free Fire has its own localization team in each market that has been released. These teams will establish contacts and communicate with local player communities, and regularly conduct research and research on specific content in small groups. Investigate to ensure that players see their ideas being heard and realized in the game. In addition, Free Fire will formulate activities according to local customs, such as the Songkran Festival in Thailand, Carnival in Brazil, and so on. Generally speaking, products distributed globally will set up localization teams for major countries or cooperate with local publishers. It is already considered important to give an English version in other small places, and it is unlikely to continue to invest energy.

It is rare for Free Fire to claim that "each market has a localization team". If it is true, Free Fire is most likely to benefit from the local economic level to control the cost of the localization team, and use sufficient market coverage to ensure revenue and offset the cost. This wide-spreading model did have unexpected effects. What you may not imagine is that according to Apptopia data, 29% of Free Fire's revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018 came from Brazil, the highest in the global market. Li Xiaodong, the parent company of Garena and the founder and CEO of SEA Group, said: "Free Fire has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world, especially in fast-growing markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America." As early as 2018 According to a report released by market research firm Teebik, the compound annual growth rate of the Southeast Asian mobile game market is approaching 50%, which is three times higher than the global average. Producer Harold Teo admits that Free Fire's performance today has exceeded the company's expectations, which means that even Garena himself has not realized that developing markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America have such great potential. In fact, Free Fire was only called "Free Fire" at the beginning, and now the name "Garena Free Fire" was added after more than 2 months of game testing and topping the free list in 22 countries and regions around the world. 

As of April 8, when this article was written, App Annie data shows that Free Fire is still ranked TOP10 in the App Store free list in more than 40 countries around the world. At the same time, Free Fire has also become Garena’s main cash cow. According to the financial report, Free Fire generated US$103 million in revenue in the fourth quarter of last year, accounting for nearly half (44.5%) of Garena’s revenue during the same period. The Free Fire example actually proves that as long as you know how to study, there are markets everywhere in the world. Being on the same track as a major manufacturer is not only a misfortune but in fact, it is also an opportunity. No matter how large a company is, it cannot cover the global market. Even in the developing country market that seems insignificant in ordinary eyes, as long as it covers users Sufficient, effective localization work, regular collection of player demand changes, and timely feedback, there is always a chance to stand out.

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