Top 10 best games you can play with your friends

Hate the game of fighting and fighting with the enemy? Five blacks on the score for a day but still in jail? The new season qualifying pass is so bald? If you are also tired of tiring PvP games, or want to change your taste and adjust your mentality temporarily, or bring sisters and brothers for entertainment and leisure, you might as well take a look at these multiplayer cooperative games. In recent years, although the number of local cooperative games has become scarce, thanks to faster and faster internet speeds, online multiplayer games have become one of the most popular game types. Here we have counted some good cooperative games, ranging from weird puzzle games to complex CRPGs, suitable for spending leisure time with friends (or friends spending time).

Due to space limitations, only ten selected games can be listed here. If there are any co-op games that you think are excellent, you can also tell us in the comment section.

1. It Takes Two:

As a nomination for this year's game of the year, the popularity of "Two Persons" is not much to say. It tells an imaginative story about repairing emotional trauma. Players and a friend (online or local) will play the role of a young couple: Cody and Xiaomei, incarnate as wooden/clay dolls, rekindle the couple's love and repair their troubled relationship with their daughter Rose after many difficulties. Players need to escape the horrible vacuum cleaner, survive the angry bee army, defeat a dangerous space monkey and have more interesting adventures to help them return to life-size.

The journey will include a series of teamwork mechanisms. Cody and Xiaomei often have unique personal abilities, and they cannot succeed unless they help each other. Through this weird love story, it will bring you closer to your friends.

2. Cuphead:

Through the integration of retro cartoons, running, and shooting, "Tea Cup Head" constructs a challenging cooperative game that requires the trinity of reaction speed, perseverance, and communication. Don't be fooled by its retro hand-painted aesthetics. Behind the warm theme park background and jazz sheet music is the sneer Medusa and the three-headed dragon. vPlayers and friends play the role of teacup heads and mugs. Even small mistakes will be punished. During this arduous journey, they will stick to the end and defeat the final boss. However, the game will also reward players with a weapon to pass the level. Weapon types, ultimate skills, and special abilities add cool changes to difficult levels.

Whether you are fighting in an aviary or stepping on a bearded cigar, "Tea Cup Head" is an excellent cooperative game that perfectly balances pain and happiness.

3. Monster Hunter Rise:

"Monster Hunter: Rise" does not impress us immediately with the stunning graphics like "Monster Hunter: World", but stepping into the gate of Flame Village with friends will also have exciting adventures. Compared with the simplified system and operation of "World", "Rise" is very suitable for bringing friends who have never played the "Monster Hunter" series into the pit. When riding on the back of the dragon, and three other hunters using swords, hammers, bows, crossbows, spears, hunting flutes, etc. to defeat the ferocious beasts, the sense of accomplishment will be unparalleled.

At the same time, don’t forget to experience the quiet and peaceful moments of the game with your friends: sprinting in the dense forest full of unique fauna, riding colorful tooth hounds galloping through destroyed villages, or climbing up ancient temples. Accompanied by an epic orchestral soundtrack. Even playing the boring tower defense "Hundred Dragons Night Walk" with your companions is a kind of enjoyment.

4. Sea of ​​Thieves:

Although "Sea of ​​Thieves" is not as prosperous as Xbox envisioned, its playability and richness have been greatly improved through continuous "seasonal" updates in recent years. Including a variety of new appearances, bizarre missions, and PvP/PvE support. Even the legendary Captain "Blackbeard" and "Jack Sparrow" can be a member of your sailing team. Now is the best time to become a pirate, bring a group of friends who love gold, head towards the endless blue waters, hunt for treasures under the chase of tentacle sea monsters and Leviathan sharks! When everything is ready, put the treasure chest you collected on the bow, take out the cup and accordion and have a drink with your friends.

5. Gas Station Simulation:

The player starts with an empty car then you have to drive the car to the gas station for filling up the fuel tank. You have to pay cash for the fuel.

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