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"Minecraft" is a sandbox building game, created by Marcus Persson, the founder of Mojang AB, inspired by "Endless Miner", "Dwarf Fortress" and "Dungeon Guardian". The current lead developer is Jens Bernstein. Players can create and destroy numerous blocks in the three-dimensional space of the game, and even experience different game modes in multiplayer servers and single-player worlds, creating exquisite buildings, creations, and artworks. Today, Minecraft's game platform has included mobile devices and game consoles. Minecraft focuses on allowing players to explore, interact, and change a map dynamically generated by a cube the size of one cubic meter.

In addition to blocks, environmental monomers also include plants, creatures, and objects. The various activities in the game include collecting ore, fighting hostile creatures, synthesizing new blocks, and collecting tools for various resources found in the game. The unlimited mode in the game allows players to create buildings, works, and artistic creations in various multiplayer game servers or their single-player mode. Other functions include Redstone circuits for logic operations and remote actions, minecarts and tracks, and a mysterious world called "Hell". In the end, you can choose to take an adventure in a dimension called the "End World" and defeat the End World Dragon.

First, introduce the five modes of this game:

Survival mode:

Survival Mode is a game mode in Minecraft. In this mode, players must collect resources, build buildings, fight monsters, manage hunger, and explore the world to survive and develop. Players can obtain achievements in survival mode in a world other than the ultra-flat, with cheats turned off and operator permissions turned off. If the player creates a creative world and then switches to survival mode, he still cannot get the achievement. In survival mode, the player has an inventory for collecting items. Items can be combined according to specific recipes to make tools and other items. This is called synthesis. Most synthesis requires a workbench. Some items cannot be created by ordinary synthesis, which requires a furnace to smelt. There are other crafting stations for more advanced uses, such as brewing stands, anvils, and enchanting stands.

Creative mode:

The creative mode is one of the main game modes in Minecraft. The creative mode removes the survival content in the game, allows players to easily and freely create and destroy structures and machinery, and also changes the background music. In the creative mode, players have an unlimited number of blocks for creation, and there is no health or hunger to hinder their construction. The creative mode allows the player to instantly destroy most of the blocks without taking a sword, except for invisible bedrock, etc. (including blocks like bedrock and end portals that cannot be destroyed under normal circumstances). The use of disposable items will not cause them to be consumed (except for activating TNT with firebombs). The creative mode gives players the ability to fly.

Extreme mode:

Hardcore mode is a game mode variant of survival mode. The difference between it and survival is that players in extreme mode cannot be reborn (instead of being reborn in spectator mode) and the difficulty is locked in the problem. Unlike other game modes, there are no "respawn" and "title screen" option buttons on the death interface after the player dies. Instead, there are two button options for "Delete World" and "Observe World". After clicking the "Observe the World" button, the player will enter spectator mode and respawn at the respawn point. In addition, the difficulty in extreme mode is fixed as brutal.

Adventure mode:

Adventure Mode (Adventure Mode) is a game mode for players to create maps. Set restrictions in Minecraft so players cannot destroy or place any blocks to avoid damage to the adventure map or malicious server damage. Adventure mode can only be accessed via commands. Although the adventure mode is more like the "official" survival mode, players are more often looking for food to supplement hunger. Because the player cannot interact with the block, most of the time the player cannot build a shelter. So finding a village or other security structure is an essential job.

Adventure mode is just like survival mode. Players can be injured by the environment. Death is possible. Players must manage hunger points, but they are different in many ways. Most notably, players can only destroy items marked with the CanDestroy tag and cannot be destroyed by the player's fists. In the same way, blocks with the CanPlaceOn tag can be placed by the player. However, players can still use the environment in other ways-including interacting with monsters and other entities, turning on/off Redstone machines (such as levers), and trading with villagers. In addition, players can synthesize like in other game modes. Another feature is that the player will always spawn at the spawn point in the world, no matter where the player is-unlike survival mode, the player can spawn anywhere within a grid. Adventure mode is a normal game mode that can be used to play custom maps because players cannot break obstacles and are not allowed to destroy the map structure. In addition, this mode is often used to protect servers from saboteurs. The command block is suitable for adventure mode.

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