Should you buy iPhone SE 2?

On April 15, 2020, Apple directly listed many small-screen parties' long-awaited iPhone SE 2 on the official website without warning. Although the starting price of the 3299 lowers the purchase threshold of the iPhone on sale, it is essentially just the iPhone 8 with an A13 processor. Many people on the Internet have expressed that e-waste is another masterpiece of Cook's inventory clearance. However, according to the latest data, SE 2’s number of comments is as high as 320,000, and its sales volume is evident. Sure enough, everything cannot escape the law of true fragrance.

As the year 2020 is about to end, as the price of SE 2 continues to drop and the frame is “narrower and narrower”, I can’t help but place an order for a small-sized mobile phone. Many people may be curious, the real flagship of the small screen should not be iPhone 12 mini (hereinafter referred to as mini), why not buy mini? There are three reasons. One is that my main machine is still an Android machine, and the SE is only used as a backup machine. The current price of more than two thousand is more acceptable; the second is that the mini battery and 5G battery life will definitely collapse. And 5G is limited by higher tariff packages and small coverage area is not practical at present; third, I am a dual card user, mini can still only use a single card in China, and cannot act as my main machine (so I spend It’s unreasonable to buy a single-card 5G backup machine that lasts for four to five thousand. The first is the packaging box. The phone body is printed on the front. It feels like a raised texture, similar to embossed. The side is the Apple logo and letter logo. Since I bought the red version, the font is also red.


Family portrait:

Next, let’s take a look at the main body of the phone. Because the front panel uses a black panel this time, the integration is still very strong in the screen state. Turning to the back, the red color of SE 2 is very attractive, especially when Christmas and New Year's Day are coming, it fits this festive atmosphere. Turn on the screen and use the earth wallpaper in the locked state. SE 2 will look like a full-screen phone. But after unlocking the phone, using the phone in the APP with a pure white background immediately has a retro taste. But this is not a big problem for me who doesn't use Douyin and hardly uses mobile phones to watch movies and TV shows. After nearly three weeks of use, let me talk about the experience of using SE 2.

The first is performance. As the core of this upgrade, the blessing of A13 allows SE 2 to run smoothly with various daily work and entertainment apps without pressure. In terms of games, I don’t play games very much, so I simply tested the national mobile game King of Glory, turned on the high frame rate mode, and selected the highest quality and highest resolution. The game runs at full frame without pressure, and the delay is also better. My main Android machine is much better. In terms of signal, through comparison and use, it is also stronger than my Android device. It can be seen that Comrade Marx is right. The practice is the only criterion for testing the truth. True knowledge cannot be heard.

The second is on the screen. The SE 2 is equipped with a 4.7-inch display from the last "era", but there is no major problem with daily use. It's just that you can't open a barrage when watching a video, because the barrage will block the video content, and the viewing experience will be worse compared to a large-screen mobile phone. The small screen is a bit stretched when playing games, but it is also acceptable for light game users. Thanks to the original color display and 326ppi retina resolution, the experience of browsing information and pictures with SE 2 on the commute is still very good. The last thing to boast about is the iPhone’s night mode, which is really natural to use. It will not affect my normal browsing of the content on the phone, and it will not make me want to turn on the night mode at all like the main Xiaomi phone. This may be the night mode that satisfies me the most after using a Meizu phone.

Next, let's look at the camera and charging life. SE 2 may be the only single-camera new camera released in 2020, but thanks to Apple’s powerful software algorithm, it does not have an ultra-wide-angle lens and is not as good as my Android camera when shooting landscapes. Portrait mode, 4k 60fps HD video recording It has all the functions that these mainstream phones have, and it is completely sufficient for daily taking pictures and scanning codes. In terms of charging, it supports up to 18W fast charging, and the official claims that it can charge to 50% of the battery in half an hour (in this era when Android supports up to 120W fast charging, I am too lazy to test Apple’s 18W fast charging). Waiting for it to fill up and then use it, it is estimated that the current Internet addiction patients will die. The measured battery life can only guarantee a bright screen of about 4 hours. Fortunately, the SE 2 supports wireless charging, which is really convenient for me, who is used to working and entertaining at the desk and playing on mobile phones before going to bed. Just put it on the wireless charger and start charging, which is really practical for users who are worried about the battery.

In addition to some of the advantages mentioned above, I chose it mainly because of its thin and light body that can be perfectly mastered with one hand. After all, I am the small group of users who are willing to sacrifice battery life in exchange for a lighter feel, and as a qualified social animal, the average mobile phone use time is less than five hours a day, battery life is not that important to me. In addition, the physical home button, dual speakers, and IP67 dust and water resistance are also bonus points. Finally, is this iPhone SE 2 worth buying? If you are a light user of mobile phones like me, mobile phones are just communication and entertainment tool for you, then my answer is worth it. But if you are a heavy mobile phone user, then you can pass it directly.

To sum up, I would recommend the following categories of people to buy this phone as the main engine for the replacement.

1. The mobile phone you are using is iPhone 8 and its previous iPhone models, and you are not interested in full-screen phones;

2. The mobile phone you are currently using is not the Android flagship device released in the past two years, and you want to experience the iOS ecosystem but have a limited budget.

3. You are a true small-sized mobile phone enthusiast, and would rather use battery life to change the feel.

Of course, in addition to satisfying any of the above conditions, you must also be a single-card mobile phone user.

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