Will Elon Musk be the richest man?


If you say that the entrepreneurs who have been the most popular at home and abroad in recent years, Musk is definitely second to none. This one started his business in 1998 and founded the cross-border payment platform PayPal. After earning 180 million US dollars, he split the 180 million. , The entrepreneurial maniacs who founded SpaceX, Tesla (Tesla), and SolarCity respectively, once ranked second in the world's richest list in November this year. Today, SpaceX, which he founded, has successfully traveled to and from Mars and has pushed American aerospace into the era of commercialization. The performance of another company he founded, Tesla, on the stock market is even more jaw-dropping. This was established in 2003. The brand that represents the future of small cars took 17 years to kill Toyota, which has 83 years of manufacturing history, and its market value is more than three times that of Toyota.

According to the new salary reward model designed by Tesla’s board of directors two years ago, Musk does not take a penny of fixed salary at Tesla, all of which is cashed in equity, with a total value of more than 50 billion US dollars, unlocked in 12 times. In the past two years, Musk has led Tesla through five levels and six generals, through the previous 11 levels, and won a generous equity reward. Recently, after a short period of shock adjustment, Tesla has once again risen. As long as Tesla's market value can reach a market value of 650 billion, even if Musk’s KPI has been completed, Tesla has only fallen short of this goal recently. A gap of fewer than 40 billion yuan. For Musk, as long as the quarterly earnings report is eye-catching, reaching this market value is completely within reach. At that time, Musk’s wealth will soar, and it may even hit the throne of the world’s richest man. With the commercialization of Musk’s another ace project, SpaceX, its value will rise further. If this continues, Amazon Bay It is a question of how long Joss can be the richest man.

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