How our live been affect if there were no E-commerce ft. Jack Ma


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I have seen other answers. Many people think that if Jack Ma suddenly disappears, the real economy will recover, and they think it is very good. In fact, I don't think this is the case. First of all, Jack Ma does not mean online shopping. Even if Jack Ma disappears, Taobao and other services of Alibaba will not disappear, nor will online shopping. It can be said that Jack Ma has disappeared today, and another "Jack Ma" will appear tomorrow.

To be clear, Jack Ma is nothing but a successful product of the rise of the Internet and e-commerce, rather than Jack Ma creating such an era of Internet e-commerce. Even if there is no such person as Jack Ma from the beginning to the end, the development of the times is unstoppable. Even if Jack Ma never appeared, there will be another person to develop e-commerce. Secondly, I have seen many friends think that if online shopping disappears, our life and society will be better. I don't think so. It is undeniable that, as many people have said, the rise of e-commerce platforms has affected some real economies and stores, but e-commerce and online shopping are indeed an inevitable historical development and a manifestation of social progress. Although e-commerce does make many jobs and some physical stores shrink, it also creates many jobs and many new jobs. And compared to traditional shopping methods, online shopping does have incomparable advantages. Customers can obtain products more accurately, more conveniently, and conveniently, and can easily obtain all the products they need. This is historical progress.

For example, for some relatively infrequent things, such as large fitness equipment, small ear picks, screw caps, etc., if you go to a physical store, it will inevitably be laborious, and online shopping can be easily solved. For another example, if you are an artist living in a small city, you can easily pick the tools you want online instead of looking around for nothing on the street. For another example, if you live in a small town, Chanel will not open a store in the town, but an online store can deliver the goods you want to you. So even though e-commerce has its drawbacks, online shopping has incomparable advantages after all, so if it disappears, it will definitely not be a better life as many people say. Online shopping will only continue to exist, and it will continue to become standardized.

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