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iOS 12 is the twelfth version of iOS developed by Apple. It was announced on the first day of WWDC2018 held on June 4, 2018. It is the successor to iOS 11. The official version was launched on September 17, 2018. All devices running iOS 11 can upgrade to iOS 12. Apps and functions such as augmented reality, photos, Siri, Apple Books (previously iBooks), stocks, voice memos, Apple News, stocks, iMessage, FaceTime, etc. have all been greatly upgraded in iOS 12. The enhanced iOS system provides a faster and more responsive experience; all supported devices can feel the improved performance, including the previous iPhone 5s and iPad Air. The camera guidance speed is increased by 70%, the keyboard display speed is increased by 50%, and the input response is more sensitive. When the device is under a heavy workload, the boot speed of the App is doubled.

iOS 12 has added a new "screen time" function, allowing users to know the time spent on their own or their children's devices. The system will also provide usage reports for parents or users to refer to. At the same time, the "screen time" function can also set a daily limit on the use of specific programs to restrict users from using programs for too long. "Screen time" can also be used by parents to set a time limit for children to prevent indulging.

ARKit 2 improves the performance of ARKit in many aspects, and at the same time allows players to play multiplayer AR games. It also releases USDZ, a common file format for AR. Persistence allows developers to store and reload the experience from where you left before; object detection and image tracking provide developers with new tools to identify real-world objects and track images moving in space. In addition, "AR Quick View" extends the AR function of iOS, allowing you to view AR objects in built-in apps (such as "News", Safari, and "Files"), and share with friends using iMessage and "Mail". For the first time, iOS 12 supports operators to use two SIM cards on the new generation of iPhones; on iPhone 5s and later models, iOS is faster and more responsive; in addition, it also adds screen time, do not disturb mode, and Siri Add functions such as shortcut instructions for daily tasks. On September 18, 2018, Apple officially pushed the official version of the iOS 12 system update to users, and iPhone 5S and above models can be updated.

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