Apple WWDC 2021 will be held virtually on 7th June

It was reported that Apple confirmed that WWDC 2021 will be held from June 7th to 11th, and the holding method will once again be fully online. According to the official, WWDC 2021 will be open to all developers for free, providing developers with an opportunity to learn about new technologies, tools, and frameworks, and they can build more apps and games with platform differences. Apple also announced that this year’s Swift Student Challenge will begin accepting submissions, and young developers can take this opportunity to create their own Swift Playground works to showcase their programming skills.

"We like to bring developers together through the annual WWDC Global Developers Conference to learn about our latest technology and communicate with Apple engineers", Susan, vice president of Apple Global Developer Relations, Enterprise and Educational Product Marketing Prescott (Susan Prescott) said, “We are committed to making WWDC 2021 a grand and extremely outstanding event. We are very pleased to provide Apple developers with a variety of new tools to help them create changes in our lives, work, and An entertainment app."

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