Microsoft Windows and Office has become the most downloaded software of all time

The emergence of piracy:

In the era around Windows 98, the original home system cost more than $156 USD, and the enterprise version costs more than $1560 USD. The roadside system only needs $5 to $10 USD for a CD-ROM, and it can be used repeatedly. At that time, the anti-piracy of genuine software was also very simple, which was to rely on the matching of the serial number of the CD and the CD-KEY note. Later, the advent of XP also led to the flourishing development of the Internet. Since all networks must rely on Windows to connect to the Internet, it is reasonable to block the pirated system easily. But why has Microsoft never done this, and even upgraded the pirated system?

Piracy made Microsoft:

In the early days of Microsoft, it mainly relied on selling computer systems and office systems for a living, and its main revenue also relied on the United States and European and American countries. However, in China, where copyright awareness was poor at the time, Microsoft had almost no revenue, but China was indeed an important part of Microsoft's layout. However, the situation gradually turned for the better. With the difficulty of anti-piracy, Microsoft gradually began to "fake" anti-piracy, because they realized that only by occupying the user group can the greatest development be achieved, and rampant piracy has instead given rise to For their biggest "propaganda", Microsoft almost occupied all computer systems through piracy, and later almost all software and games were developed based on Windows. If the anti-piracy is forced, it will cause a lot of manpower and financial output. The world’s largest system development company is equivalent to providing systems for everyone free of charge, which creates the dilemma of "no one to succeed." There are also 360 antiviruses using this method. Directly come to a free one. At that time, all antivirus companies directly Confused, it seems that it has lost the profit of the charging software, but in fact, it has obtained the largest user resources.

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