This year Apple will spend $300 million USD in buying Google Cloud Services


Although Apple and Google compete fiercely on mobile operating systems, Apple is also a major customer of Google Cloud. According to The Information report, Apple spent $300 million on Google Cloud this year, making it Google’s largest customer in one fell swoop. Although Apple also builds its own iCloud data center, it also purchases Google Cloud and AWS cloud storage services to store iCloud user pictures, documents, and other information. It is reported that this year Apple provides a budget of about 300 million U.S. dollars to purchase Google cloud services, an increase of 50% over 2020, with a total data volume of 8EB.

This also makes Apple the largest customer of Google Cloud. The second place is ByteDance, with a data storage capacity of 500 PB, which is 1/16 of Apple's. Before Apple used AWS, it started to transfer part of its budget to Google Cloud in 2016. I remember that during that time, the news of Apple’s major customers that Google snatched AWS was flying all over the sky. It is said that the AWS budget was too high, and Google Cloud was profitable. Now it seems that Apple Did you jump from one pit to another? However, in 2019, Apple will pay AWS 30 million US dollars a month, and an annual expenditure of 360 million US dollars.

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